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What we've been up to this week

Picture 1 Bea pleased with her teacher's card!
Picture 2 Bea with her Union Jack and her brother, Oliver
Picture 3 Bea's letter in role as an evacuee
Picture 4 Hussain's fantastic fruit salad
Picture 5 Isabella doing 75 cartwheels for VE Day
Picture 6 Isabella learning about the parts of the body
Picture 7 Rafaela's amazing writing!
Picture 8 Rafaela's super sound snake
Picture 9 Rafaela's times tables-look at those tasty arrays
Picture 10 Rafaela's VE Day writing
Picture 11 Tom's brilliant Union Jack painting for VE Day
Picture 12 Tom's fantastic plane model
Picture 13 Tom's plane picture for VE Day
Picture 14 Isabella's brilliant balloon picture
Picture 15 Bailey's favourite food
Picture 16 Bailey the number bond champion!
Picture 17
Picture 18 Bailey's marvellous maths
Picture 19 Bea's brilliant balloon design
Picture 20 Lev's fantastic hot air balloon design
Picture 21 Lev's lovely letter to Tom
Picture 22 Lev's brilliant bug hotel
Picture 23 Lev's been learning about his body
Picture 24 Giosue's super subtracting
Picture 25 Giosue's postcard
Picture 26 Giosue's super writing