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Pokesdown's Sporting Stars! - Children's photos and videos

Luca flying!
Luca ready for her sprint!
Luca's lung jump!
Luca's super speed bounce!
Samuel's super poster for team Kingsley!
Luca's fabulous Kingsley poster!
Bailey's super Olympics poster!
Samuel's super olympic crafts!
Amber and Max enjoying making their posters
Emily enjoying her obstacle course!
Emily and Heather's obstacle course!
Bailey being a speedy superstar!
Bailey's super speed bounce!
Bailey enjoying her Sports Day!
Bailey and Ella's super results!
Mabel's super speed bounce
Mabel enjoying Sports Day
Lyra's speed bouce!
Finn's super speed bounce
Finn's super results
Look at Dylan's awesome running
Dylan's super shuttle running
Dylan enjoying his Virtual Sports Day
Great launch from Dylan
Dylan speed bouncing!
Lyra's super research!
Ted joining in on Sports Day
Evelyn's shot put
Super landing Evelyn
Evelyn's been busy with Sports Day
Isabelle's Usain Bolt research - It's super!
More super research from Janus
Janus' research on Usain Bolt
Janus in his spikes ready for running!
Betsy mid speed-bounce
Betsy sprinting away!
Betsy's Nicola Adams research
Connie enjoying her Sports Day!
Connie mid-sprint!
Edith enjoying her sprint!
Edith mid speed-bounce
Edith's just landed her long jump!
Edith's Kingsley poster
Edith's Olympian research
Edith's sock put!
Edith's super results!
Emily mid-sprint
Emily ready for her sprint!
Finley enjoying his shuttle run!
Finley mid speed bounce!
Finley's long jump!
Finley's sock put!
Finley's super research!
Giosue enjoying his Sports Day!
Giosue in action!
Hannah enjoying her Sports Day!
Leo doing a super speed bounce!
Look at Betsy's brilliant results!
Maja's brilliant obstacle course!
Mark mid-sprint!
Mark speed bouncing!
Mark's super long jump!
Martin enjoying his shuttle run!
Martin's 50m sprint - 16.8 seconds!
Martin's long jump!
Martin's sock put!
Martin's speed bounce
Mollie enjoying her Sports Day!
Nikola doing a super job of her speed bounce!
Nikola proud of her results!
Nikola's long jump!
Nikola's shuttle run!
Samuel enjoying his obstacle course
Ethan completing his obstacle course
Sienna the sporting superstar!
Scarlett enjoying her obstacle course
Sienna enjoying her obstacle course
Ethan enjoying his obstacle course
Sienna's obstacle course!
Ethan's obstacle course!
Emma enjoying her sports day!
Jack ready for his sock put
Charlie and Alfie enjoying their Sports Day
Albert's obstacle course
Albert's research on Usain Bolt
Albert's super obstacle course
Flying Albert speed bouncing
Albert's sock put!
Albert's long jump
Albert sprinting away!
Albert's super poster!
Tallulah's speed bounce
James and Tallulah enjoying their Sports Day
Tallulah's terrific sock put!
Tallulah being a super runner!
James' marvellous long jump
James sprinting away!
James' super sock put!
Eliza speed bouncing!
Eliza's super long jump!
Millie enjoying her long jump!
Emma sprinting away!
Emma speed bouncing!
Emma enjoyed her virtual sports day!

Leo's long jump!

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Janus' super speed bounce!

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Janus' long jump

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Jack's speed bounce

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