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What we've been up to this week

Alfie and Charlie made a tasty rainbow cake!
Alfie is a super scientist!
Alfie is working so hard on his maths!
Charlie is working so hard!
Emily being a super scientist!
Emily enjoyed her jelly experiment!
Emily's an expert on money!
Filippo enjoyed writing limericks
Filippo is an expert on fractions!
Filippo's marvellous maths!
Kaia busy cooking!
Kaia's super poem!
Kaiyah enjoyed her jelly experiment
Kaiyah's super poem!
Luca loved her jelly experiment!
Maria enjoyed the jelly experiment
Maria is a super scientist!
More beautiful poetry from Kaia
More super science from Maria
Super writing from Charlie!
Oskar's reading rocks review
Oskar working very hard!
Marvellous maths from Oskar!
Oskar's marvellous maths
Kaiyah's super poem!
Kaiyah enjoyed her jelly experiment
Molly enjoyed her jelly experiment!