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Name Writing 

Can you practise writing your name? You could try it in different ways, for example:

- Use a magic pen to write it in the air

- Write each letter in different colours to make a rainbow name

- Paint your name!

- Write it with your finger in flour or shaving foam. 


Project chat

Our Paddington project is coming to a close this week. For our outcome, you are going to be having a picnic with Paddington! Paddington loves to have a sandwich picnic, but he's getting a little bored of always having marmalade! 

Talk about your picnic - what sandwich do you think Paddington would like? 

Is there anything else you'd like to make for him? 

Have you ever had a picnic before? Where was your picnic? Can you find a photo?


Use the link below to join in with a 'v' phonics lesson. 


Plan your picnic!

This morning, you would've talked about your picnic. 

Draw a picture of what you would like to make for Paddington - keep it simple!

Then, on some paper you have at home, write a shopping/ingredients list for everything you need. 


This week we are going to be introducing money into the children's play with a role play sandwich shop. Hunt for any coins you have in your house and talk about them. 

What values do they have? What colour are they? 

You could even have a go at some coin rubbing!


Today, in our maths meeting, we are talking about addition within 5. They key idea is that 2 small parts can be added together to make a whole. 

Below is a document containing the slides we will be using in school to help you with this. 

Use objects around the home to have a go yourself!