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What we've been up to this week

Picture 1 Albert writing in role as an evacuee
Picture 2 Albert's VE Day medals
Picture 3 Albert's VE Day plane
Picture 4 Benas and Joris painting the fence
Picture 5 Benas busy doing Joe Wicks!
Picture 6 Benas relaxing in his garden!
Picture 7 Caitlin, her Union Jack and her VE Day medal
Picture 8 Caitlin's Solar System project
Picture 9 Caitlin's Viking patterns
Picture 10 Jennifer's super shopping list!
Picture 11 Samuel's VE Day cupcakes!
Picture 12 Tharun's biography of Charles Darwin
Picture 13 Betsy and Edith being scientists on the beach!
Picture 14 The Battle of Hastings by Finley McCabe
Picture 15 Finley's throughful speech on friendship
Picture 16 Benas' marvellous maths
Picture 17 Benas' brilliant maths game
Picture 18 Dictionary definitions by Benas
Picture 19 Benas has written his own brilliant Viking story!
Picture 20 Lyra's fantastic hot air balloon picture
Picture 21 Lyra (and Mabel) made this! An important message!
Picture 22 Lyra's been busy crafting
Picture 23 May's questions about the world around her
Picture 24 May's lockdown reading list - 21 books in total!