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What we've been up to this week

Picture 1 All about Phoebe!
Picture 2 Bobby being super cool at the beach!
Picture 3 Chef Eva has got dinner sorted!
Picture 4 Dylan being a scientist!
Picture 5 Dylan busy learning outside
Picture 6 Dylan's aeroplane made from toilet rolls!
Picture 7 Emily the number bond champion!
Picture 8 Emily's marvellous maths game
Picture 9 Emily's scones for VE Day!
Picture 10 Emily's VE Day medal
Picture 11 Eva making slime with Maisy
Picture 12 Eva with her Union Jack flag!
Picture 13 Eva's letter to someone she misses!
Picture 14 Eva's letter to Mr H about her favourite colour
Picture 15 Eva's NHS Poem
Picture 16 Eva's VE Day party!
Picture 17 Isla's crayon box
Picture 18 Isla's wonderfully decorated fence
Picture 19 Josi doing some lovely gardening
Picture 20 Josi out on her bike
Picture 21 Josi's amazing desert writing!
Picture 22 Mollie's magnificens word worm
Picture 23 Olivia colouring her Union Jack!
Picture 24 Phoebe being a tricky word master!
Picture 25 Phoebe learning to tell the time!
Picture 26 Phoebe's crayon wrapper
Picture 27 Ralfee on his bike!
Picture 28 Sophie's amazing drawings
Picture 29 Max's suitcase of special items!
Picture 30 Max's wonderful writing
Picture 31 Holly made a fantastic house for her crayon!
Picture 32 Holly enjoying her writing!
Picture 33 Holly busy learning at home!
Picture 34 Mollie's AMAZING version of the Gingerbread Man!
Picture 35 Josi's marvellous maths
Picture 36 Josi is a grammar hero!
Picture 37 Zephyr's lovely rainbow poem
Picture 38 Delilah enjoying some baking!
Picture 39 Delilah's terrific times tables poster