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What we've been up to this week

Picture 1 Maisy's Greta Thunberg mind map
Picture 2 Maisy's letter to Mrs Evans
Picture 3 Maisy's upcycling project
Picture 4 El-J enjoying a book outside with his sister
Picture 5 El-J helping his sister, Elsie, with her reading!
Picture 6 Amara's Union Jack
Picture 7 Amara's VE Day medal design
Picture 8 Amara's VE Day medal description
Picture 9 Amara's letter in role as an evacuee
Picture 10 Tonaya's data handling
Picture 11 Tonaya's book review
Picture 12 Tonaya's marvellous maths
Picture 13 Emily's recycled bird feeder
Picture 14 Martin's pollution mind map
Picture 15 Janus the cadet!
Picture 16 Janus' brilliant VE Day activities
Picture 17 Janus' VE day cake!
Picture 18 Lexx's Great Grandad's medals
Picture 19 Matilda's marvellous VE Day medal
Picture 20 Leo's green hair
Picture 21 Janus' upcycling design
Picture 22 Janus' brilliant reading