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What we've been up to this week

Albie's super phonics
Albie experimenting with volume and capacity
Albie's super art!
Mollie's 100 days in lockdown
Olivia enjoying an early hot chocolate
Olivia on her morning excercise
Olivia has written an awesome story!
Olivia experimenting with volume and capacity
Olivia's super story
Olivia's super story page 2
Isla's super report!
Scarlett's wonderful portrait
Sienna's super handwriting
Sienna's amazing portrait!
Sienna is an expert at telling the time!
Sienna's super calm down kit
Scarlett's research!
Scarlett's WANTED poster!
Phoebe having lots of fun
Lunchtime is fun with Phoebe
Phoebe's fun outside!
Mary Poppins by Phoebe
Phoebe's super setting