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Letter writing practise 

Choose 5 letters from the image below. Can you practise forming these letters in different ways?

Perhaps use felt tip pens to make a letter rainbow, use a magic pen to write them in the air, your finger to form them in flour - use whatever resources you have at home. 



Say it, join it, write it!

Paddington's Picnic

Draw an outline of a picnic basket. Inside, draw different food that you think Paddington might enjoy for his picnic. Think carefully about what you have learnt about the importance of a balanced diet!

Paddington at the Palace

Use the link above to enjoy listening to the story of Paddington at the Palace. 

Then engage in some play based on the story. 

Can you draw your own palace guard?

Can you design and build your own palace?

Can you make a miniature London city from lego?

Can you use junk modelling to make a camera for Paddington's day out at the palace?