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Activities for learning @ home today. 

Below are some activity ideas to keep our amazing Reception children busy at home today. 

Remember we spend lots of time learning through play, so do lots of that too! 

Have fun!

What's your news?

'What’s your news?'. Using your letters and sounds, write a sentence about some news you would like to share with your teacher. It could be something you did over Christmas, or something different – anything you like!


Write this on any paper you have at home. Use your favourite pen or pencil and perhaps add a picture too. 


You might want to use a sound mat (below) to help you form your letters correctly and to help you remember what they look like!!


How to catch a star by Oliver Jeffers

This book is a brilliant way to start the new term as it encourages us to set ourselves challenges and think about how we might achieve them! 

Use the link below to enjoy the story.

Activity ideas:

- Draw a picture of how you would catch a star? Would you use a super speedy jet plane or the worlds longest ladder?

- Using craft resources you have at home, make a special star picture. Google 'How to catch a star eyfs craft activities' for more inspiration.

- Build a rocket from junk modelling.