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What we've been up to this week

Aimee's super leaflet on Spain
Emily's beautiful drawing!
Emily's journey to the bottom of the sea!
Joanna being a super scientist!
Joanna is a fraction expert!
Joanna's been busy!
Luca being a super artist!
Luca's finished artwork - it's fantastic!
Maria's information poster on Poland!
 Maria's super treasure chest!
Mila is a super reading detective!
Mila is an expert writer!
Mila's marvellous maths!
More marvellous maths from Joanna
Oskar being a superb scientist!
Oskar's leaflet on Poland
Oskar's magnificent maths
Smiley Emily with her drawing!
More brilliant poetry from Aimee!
Aimee's brilliant poem
Luca's marvellous maths
Luca proud of her learning at home!
Luca's amazing poem!
Luca's super mindfulness colouring
CJs marvellous maths
CJs super firework poster!
Look at that jelly - so cool!
Oskar enjoying his jelly experiment
Oskar's completed 2 books! WOW!