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What we've been up to this week

Picture 1 Emma is an expert on VE Day!
Picture 2 Emma's description of the chocolate room!
Picture 3 Emma's wonderful wordsearch!
Picture 4 Heather's bravery
Picture 5 Heather's funny morse code message
Picture 6 Heather's suitcase of special things!
Picture 7 Joris doing Joe Wicks!
Picture 8 Joris painting the fence!
Picture 9 Maja K's letter to Mrs Czarnecka
Picture 10 Maja K's magnificent Roman numerals!
Picture 11 Isabelle with her favourite poem!
Picture 12 Joris' chocolate room description!
Picture 13 Joris writing about his dog!
Picture 14 Edith and Betsy being scientists on the beach!
Picture 15
Picture 16 Mabel's beautiful balloon picture
Picture 17 Mabel and Lyra set up a 'book swap' station
Picture 18 Mabel being crafty!