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What we've been up to this week

Chef Mark made some tasty pancakes!
Edith's hot air balloon design!
Emma's brilliant balloon picture
Heather wrote a brilliant hot air balloon story!
Heather's super hot air balloon design!
Maja found these on her rock hunt!
Maja's beautiful hot air balloon picture.jpg
Mark in his hot air balloon!!! How amazing!!
Mark made some tasty waffles
Sammy reading to her dog!
Dylan having fun learning @ home
Chef Edith's finished rock cakes!
Chef Edith making some rock cakes!
Isabelle's brilliant balloon picture!
Heather's brilliant baking!
Heather using her maths skills to help her bake!
Joris the fossil expert
Joris enjoying a read in the sunshine
Joris learning outside!
Jana's tree house design - the inside
Jana designed her own tree house!