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Getting to and From School

Getting to Pokesdown Community Primary


Factoring in how your child/ren will be traveling to school is an important thing to consider. At Pokesdown Community Primary School, we encourage children to travel actively by walking, cycling and scooting to school for all or a part of their journey.


Benefits of active travel


Research shows that traveling actively to school makes children more alert and ready to face the school day compared to if they had arrived in a car.  Walking, cycling or scooting to school wakes up their mind and body. It aids concentration and can support a better night’s sleep.

Physical activity can also encourage healthy growth and development, maintain a healthy weight and reduce anxiety and stress. It can improve muscle strength, endurance and flexibility in children and adolescents.

Active travel helps to connect people more with their local community and to develop valuable life skills such as road safety and cycle and scooter skills which they will use throughout their lives. Fewer families traveling to school by car will reduce congestion and help to improve air quality outside the school gates, making a safer and more pleasant environment for all to enjoy.

For more information of the benefits of active travel see here  -


Park and stride


Pokesdown Community Primary School is situated in Southbourne and is surrounded by residential properties. On street parking is limited directly around the school. We understand that some parents and Guardians may need to drive to school. Please park respectfully and where possible, park away from the school and complete the final bit of your journey on foot.


Bike and scooter parking at school

We have a small amount of bike and scooter parking available at school and encourage locks to be used when using the stands. The shelters are inside the school grounds and are easily accessible at the start and end of the school day. We are working hard to be able to offer more bike and scooter storage for pupils.


Support with walking, wheeling, cycling and scooting to school


To help you plan your active journey to school, BCP council have created a few maps that will help your plan your journey - bpc-area-cycle-map-christchurch (

Also see some top tips on walking and cycling with your children to school – Walking safety tips for children -

Pokesdown Community Primary School works closely with Sustrans, the charity that makes it easier for people to walk and cycle. We are a Bike it Plus school which means that we have a dedicated officer to help us with all things that are active travel related. Throughout the school year there will be a number of activities that you can get involved in. These could include – whole school challenges, bike and scooter skills sessions, Year 6 transition routes, parent bike maintenance training and bike Dr visits.

Make sure your child(ren)’s cycle is in good working order by undertaking a simple M check - or an L check for a scooter -