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What we've been up to this week

Picture 1 Eva and Maisy ready for their beach pizza feast!
Picture 2 Eva's AMAZING colour story!
Picture 3 Eva's beautiful flower arrangments!
Picture 4 Eva's poster on using exclamation marks!
Picture 5 Eva's super self portrait!
Picture 6 How to be the perfect hairdresser by Olivia!
Picture 7 Isla busy on her self portrait
Picture 8 Isla having lots of fun learning @ home!
Picture 9 Isla's marvellous maths!
Picture 10 Isla's super self portrait!
Picture 11 Olivia and Jack having loads of fun outside!
Picture 12 Olivia's AMAZING colour story!
Picture 13 Olivia's beautiful artwork!
Picture 14 Josi having loads of fun in the forest!
Picture 15 Charlie's wanted poster!
Picture 16 Mollie's super Run Run acrostic poem!
Picture 17 Bernardo's Iron Man model - how amazing!
Picture 18 Bernardo and Iron Man saying hello!
Picture 19 Bernardo and Lucas made an Iron Man!
Picture 20 Ata's home for the crayons!
Picture 21 Ata's super letter from Red Crayon!
Picture 22 Josi busy crafting
Picture 23 Josi's lovely homemade dress for her bunny!
Picture 24 Charlie's colour poem about the colour blue
Picture 25 Charlie's letter to Mr Hamblion!
Picture 26 Max enjoyed his material hunt
Picture 27 Max's AMAZING colour story - brilliant writing!
Picture 28 Max's brilliant drawing based on Chapter 1
Picture 29 Max's fantastic Iron Man poster!
Picture 30 Eva enjoyed her material hunt!
Picture 31 Eva's comic strip on the Iron Man
Picture 32 Eva's super sea creature!
Picture 33 Eva had LOADS of fun strawberry picking!
Picture 34 Albie enjoyed his material hunt!
Picture 35 Albie's picture inspired by the Iron Man
Picture 36 Albie's fantastic WANTED poster
Picture 37 Holly learning @ home
Picture 38 Holly's lovely drawing
Picture 39 Holly's super fraction work
Picture 40 Holly having lots of fun learning @ home
Picture 41 Finn's Iron Man poster!
Picture 42 Finn's super Iron Man picture
Picture 43 Tallulah proud of her learning @ home
Picture 44 Tallulah's Iron Man comic strip!
Picture 45 Tallulah hard at work learning @ home!
Picture 46 Tallulah's super Iron Man poster