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What did we find?

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Look as what we found in the classroom!
  1. Project


  3. 1 . Have you watched the 'What did we see?' Video? Can you believe we had a visit from Captain Jack? Do you think we can train up to be part of his crew?


  5. 2.Draw yourself in your pirate uniform. Will you have a spikey hook, a long sword or even a bright red parrot? Don't forget to use colouring pencils! 


  7. 3. Can you label your drawing with your different outfit features? Remember to use exciting adjectives to describe what you're wearing. Don't just say boots, say brown, muddy boots. Don't forget to use finger spaces between your words and use the sound mat to help when spellings words.



Can you write some sentences describing you as a pirate? Why not tell us if you are a kind or mean pirate and if you have any skills. 





1. Go through the 2D shape PowerPoint. Can you guess the shapes I am describing?


2. Complete the 2D shape activity.



1. Go on Phonicsplay (username- pokephonics password - password) and play Flash Cards Speed Trial and play phase 3. Fancy a challenge? Do phase 5! Then play rocket rescue.


2. After use the read and roll sheet to practice our new sound of the day - ie. You will need a dice and 2 colour pencils.

PE - It's time to train to be a pirate! Can you do all the exercises below for 1 minute each! After have a rest then do them all again, can you get any quicker?

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