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What we've been up to this week

Aimee's brilliant writing
Alfie and Charlie's brilliant hot air balloon
Alfie's hot air balloon story
Charlie's hot air balloon story
CJ being a super scientist!
CJ's Elmer the elephant themed hot air balloon
Emily is definitely a digestive system expert!
Emily's super science!
Jack's campervan themed hot air balloon design
Joanna's poster on elephants
Oskar and his 3D shapes
Maria's marvellous maths!
Maria and her hot air balloon design!
Adam the scientist!
Filippo's marvellous maths!
Filippo's brilliant expanded noun phrases!
Luca's super hot air balloon picture!
How to look after your teeth by Kayla!
Kayla's glossary of words from Gangsta Granny
Kayla the scientist!
More of Aimee's amazing writing!