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What we've been up to this week

Dylan having loads of fun riding his bike!
Dylan's brilliant hot air balloon picture
Nikkalaa's kindness jar. It's almost full! Amazing
Phoebe helped her sister to build a tall tower
Phoebe's beautiful rainbow poem for the NHS
Zephyr's brilliant hot air balloon picture
Emily's homemade guitar!
Emily's camping trip in her back garden!
Emily drumming for carers!
Emily the marvellous mathematician!
Phoebe's super letter from her quitting toy box!
Finn having lots of fun playing reading games!
Finn's AMAZING handwriting practise!
Eva's AMAZING artwork!
Eva's HILLARIOUS 'I Quit' letter
Eva's 'Wacky Watermelon' crayon design!
Neve the scientist dissolving different things!
Isla busy learning @ home!
Zek the marvellous mathematician cracked the code!
Zek is the master of Year 2 common exception words
Zek designed watches to help him tell the time!
Delilah made a summer house for her tortoise!
Delilah relaxing after a surf!
Things that make Delilah happy!
Eva's brilliant writing on Rosa Parks
Eva and her amazing hot air balloon picture!
Eva is terrific at telling the time!
Eva's wonderful colour poster!
Connie's brilliant balloon picture
Mollie's I Quit letter from her dining room table!
Olivia busy being a maths genius!
Olivia's marvellous minature book
Things that make Olivia happy
Bobby getting straight on with his learning!
Bobby enjoying some colouring!