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What we've been up to this week

Picture 1 Albie's letter to Miss Wilkins
Picture 2 Chef Jaya has got dinner sorted!
Picture 3 Holly having lots of fun learning @ home
Picture 4 Holly's fitness routine!
Picture 5 Jaya having lots of fun learning @ home!
Picture 6 Jaya's water colouring!
Picture 7 Josi has been enjoying playing 'pooh sticks'!
Picture 8 Josi having lots of fun learning outside
Picture 9 Josi's magic maths!
Picture 10 Josi's super command sentences
Picture 11 Josi's weekend fun!
Picture 12 Tallulah's brilliant colour poem!
Picture 13 Why Albie is AMAZING!
Picture 14 Mollie's latest news!
Picture 15 Zek the super subtracter!
Picture 16 Zek the times tables expert!
Picture 17