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Tom's brilliant baking!
Tom's fantasy story plan
Tom's marvellous making
Lev's VE Day medal
Beau's VE Day medal making with his brother, Milo
Elsie sharing a book with her brother El-J
Maria's fantasy picture
Maria's brilliant handwriting
Giosue on his daily exercise
Evangelia's fantasy challenge
Evangelia's fantasy story
Isabella's fantasy story
Isabella's magical kingdom
Isabella's magnificent making!
Isabella's poster about Samuel Pepys
Giosue's RAF plane - VE Day learning
Giosue with his VE Day medal
Beau pleased with his teacher's card
Lev being a Geographer
Lev's lovely letter to his Granny
Lev's daily schedule!
Bella's VE Day medal
Bella's fantastic fantasy story
Bella's fantasy story page 2
Bella's fantasy land