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What we've been up to this week

Kobe's butterfly picture
Kobe's number practise
Kobe's Spring picture
Caolfhionn's plant diagram
Yoda made from 2D shapes by Caolfhionn
Caolfhionn's marvellous maths
Caolfhionn's picture for a lady in a local home
Caolfhionn's teddy bear picnic
Joseph hard at work with his magnificent maths
Willem's gone into space!
Willem having a super space day!
Willem's globe puzzle
Willem being a brilliant Geographer
Tara's diary
Tara's beautiful rainbow picture
Lana's fantastic phonics
Lana's den making
Lana's card back to Mrs Ngadeu
Noah's morse code message for Mrs Piggot
Noah's superb Union Jack
Willem's wonderful writing
Pearl busy on her scavenger hunt!
Scarlet and Zachary's dinosaur creation
Pearl pleased with her teacher's letter
Arthur heading off on his bike
Arthur's homemade jewellery
Arthur found his mum's jewellary box
Zachary learning about Canada
 Scarlet learning about Canada
Scarlet being a teacher!
Noah's bee craft in the garden
Noah's beautiful bee craft
Noah's moon cakes!
Molly's daily walk to the beach!
Molly doing yoga!
Pearl and her weather project
Pearl's weather project
Josie's natural art
Josie having fun painting a rainbow with Myla