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What we've been up to this week

Picture 1 Kayla's Giant Panda poster
Picture 2 How to conserve habitats by Kayla
Picture 3 Kayla's teeth labelling
Picture 4 How to look after your teeth by Filippo
Picture 5 Filippo's story predictions
Picture 6 Filippo's fantastic tooth diagram
Picture 7 Filippo and Giosue on their daily excercise
Picture 8 Finnley G's morse code message for Miss Hardwicke
Picture 9 Filippo's RAF plane - VE Day activities
Picture 10 Filippo with his VE Day medal
Picture 11 Harry's VE Day medal
Picture 12 Amy celebrating a birthday in style
Picture 13 Tayana's quadrilaterals
Picture 14 Tayana's quadrilateral work
Picture 15 Finley W's super shape work
Picture 16 Finley W's fantastic free writing
Picture 17 Finley W's book review
Picture 18 Finley W's fantastic leopard poster
Picture 19 Mila's marvellous poster
Picture 20 Adam's Union Jack
Picture 21 Samuel's information on pollution
Picture 22 Samuel's brilliant plane model