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What we've been up to this week

Amara's brilliant newspaper report
Amara's plane model
Amara's suitcases from the 1940s and 2020!
Connie's Greta Thunberg mind map
Connie's plane made from toilet rolls!
Connie's recycling project
Connie's VE Day medal design
Emily and Heather's wonderfully decorated window!
Emily's suitcase
Emily's VE Day medal!
Jasper's brilliant mind map
Jasper's evacuee suitcase
Jasper's pollution work!
Jemima's fantastic fruit salad!
Maisy and Eva making slime!
Maisy practising her photography!
Maisy's brilliant diary extract
Maisy's thoughtful friendship speech
Maisy's VE Day party!
Neve's awesome reading work
Neve's wonderfully decorated fence
Tonaya, Tayana and Jayton's magnificent model
Destiny's brilliant drawing
Pokesdown School is the BEST!
Destiny's cupcakes
Why friends matter by Amara
Amara's work on friendships
Jameima's tasty cooking!