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School Clubs

January 2019
Please see Staff in the School Office for updates 
Our staff always work very hard to provide children with the best opportunities that they can to extend their learning. Thank you to all staff who are able to offer the following clubs. 
Club Year Group How to Book Teacher Room Time Pick up From:
*Breakfast 1,2,3,4,5,6 Office Mrs Brown Hall 7.50-8.50  
*Gymnastics 3,4 Letters Mrs Davenport/Miss Aston Hall 3.30-4.15  
*Kwik Cricket 5,6 Letters Mr Hamblion Playground 3.30-4.15 Playground
Choir 3,4,5,6 Just come along Mrs Hook 5H 12.15-12.45  
**Tae Kwondo 1,2,3,4,5,6 Call 07855176490 Jethro Hegarty Hall 4.30-5.30 Hall
Film Club     Mr Biddle 6B 3.15-4.15 Playground
**Drama (Little Hoots) 1,2 Wait for Letter Mrs McCabe Hall 3.30-4.15 Hall
*Art Club 1,2 Give Name to Office Mrs Stevens/Mrs Brown 1C 3.15-4.15 1C
*Fit for Life 1,2,3,4,5,6 Letter Miss Aston Hall 3.30-4.15 Hall
I Care   Invitation only Ms Wright   Lunch Time  
*Art Club 3,4,5,6 Give Name to Office Mrs Stevens 1C 3.15-4.15 1C
Maths Group 6 Any Y6 student Mrs Saunders   12.15-12.45  
*Movement to Music 3,4,5,6 Form from Office Miss Aston Hall 8.00-8.45am Year 1
**Drama (Little Hoots) 4,5,6 Letter Mrs McCabe Hall 3.30-4.45 Hall
Lego Invite only Letter Mr Biddle/Miss Gee 6B 3.15-4.15 6B
*Girls Kwik Cricket 5, 6 Letter Mrs Davenport Playground 7.45-8.30am Playground
*Athletics 4,5,6 Letter Mrs Davenport/Mrs Evans Playground 3.30-4.15 Playground
Hot Chocolate Club KS1 & 2 (Alt weeks) Office Mrs Cothay/Miss Gee Nurture Room 12.15-12.45 Nurture Room
**Zumba R,1,2,,3 Mrs Grzybowska Hall 3.30-4.15 Hall
**Tae Kwondo 1,2,3,4,5,6 07855176490 Jethro Hegarty Hall 4.30-5.30 Hall

*Club run by School - small charge applies

**Club run by outside provider - charge applies

How To Join:

1) Decide which Clubs you would like to take part in.

2) See the Club Teacher or School Office for a letter and permission slip.  There is limited availability so, to avoid disappointment, try to book early.

3) If there are places available, then the Teacher will tell you when the Club begins and anything you need to bring for it.

4) Once a Club has been chosen, you are committed to it and must attend unless the Teacher and you agree otherwise.