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October 2019


Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed performing their puppet shows to their parents/carers, using their own handwritten play-scripts, wooden spoon puppets and puppet theatres in small groups. The well known fables ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’, ‘The Lion and Mouse’ and ‘The boy who cried wolf!’ were re-enacted with great enthusiasm, after which the parents/carers had a go at making their own puppet characters, alongside writing accompanying play-scripts, with the children’s willing and keen assistance!

We were very impressed by the standard of the children’s home learning linked to fantastic fables. They’re certainly very creative!


We have just started our new project ‘Light beyond the bulb’. The children relished the opportunity to discover how light travels in straight lines with a simple experiment involving straight and bendy tubes, and a candle. We look forward to our forthcoming trip to the science museum at Winchester to help give us further ideas for our Light themed science fair on Friday 29th November.