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October 2019


What a fantastic month we have had in Year 2!

We began the month with an insightful visit from Jaya’s Mum, a real scientist, who taught us all about how animals obtain their food using the idea of a food chain. Did you know that the first living thing in a food chain is called a ‘producer’ because it makes its own energy from the sun?


At the time of the last newsletter, we were just about to start our pneumatic moving animal models using our design and technology skills. Well, what fun we had! We made pop up dolphins, roaring lions, snappy crocodiles, grazing zebras, elephants with extending trunks and many, many more which we then used to create ‘Pokesdown Zoo’; our project outcome. Our grown-ups visited all the different animal enclosures, our insightful learning centre, our tasty cafe and were then amazed by the fabulous home learning that the children produced. Well done to all of the Year 2 children for a fantastic first project.


After all the excitement of Pokesdown Zoo, we were then surprised with a giant, golden present in our classroom with a rather mysterious note attached, only to find the present was full of story books from the Mr Grinling series. Once all these lovely books had arrived, we knew we simply had to make our next project all about Mr Grinling and his many grumbles. It’s definitely happy reading for Year 2! Who knows where this project will take us? We might even get to meet Mr Grinling! Be sure to find out next