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Musician @ Pokesdown

Our children are avid and enthusiastic musicians. They love to sing and perform confidently. They are equally at home singing and performing in the school Hall as they are at The Lighthouse, The Pavilion and the local community spaces. We have talented musicians who have a real ‘feel’ for music. Last year our Year 6 instrumental ensemble performed to an incredibly high standard to a captivated audience of staff, peers and families. Our own school song was written following a collaboration with a local composer. It is well worth listening to the children sing it with gusto!


Year 4 ukulele players creatively compose ‘tunes’ culminating in a performance which never fails to raise a smile and evoke emotional response from the audience. Our youngest children explore percussion instruments to create rhythmic patterns used in their Christmas Nativity performance. As their confidence grows they have the opportunity to play the penny whistle which provides a springboard to future learning of the recorder, fife and flute. 

For the concert-goers amongst you Monday afternoon is when our guitarists are strumming their chords. Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes are ‘tickling the ivories’ whilst Woodwind Wednesday is a treat not to miss!


Live performances from professional musicians have inspired and engaged the children to listen intently and appreciate what can be achieved with practise and dedication. Our recent high quality music programme has included traditional music from Afghanistan as well as a ceilidh band.

Music is the universal language of life. It lifts the spirits, and brings people together and encompasses every human emotion. Whether it’s singing in the shower, karaoke in the car or carolling with a choir, music has the power to rouse and ignite the inner musician on their journey through life.