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Meet the Governors

Welcome to the Governors' section!


Office                                             Category                                        Term Ends

Mr Barras Stone                             Community                                      Sept   2018   

Mr Mark Saddington                       Parent                                              Sept   2019

Mr Mark Cribb                                 Community                                      Sept   2020

Mrs Kirsten Bryan-Brown                Parent                                              Nov    2020

Mrs Alison Bayliss                           Headteacher                                    Aug    2019
Christopher Wragg                           Parent                                             March 2021


Katrina Ware                                    Parent                                             March 2021


Kevin Thomas                                 Community                                       March 2021


Ashley St. John                               Community                                       June 2023


Gemma Hill                                      Staff                                                 June 2021


Saeed Rashid                                  Community                                      October 2022


Mike McClintock                              Community                                      September 2023

  Barras Stone
  Chair of Governors