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Our exciting and innovative school curriculum is designed to meet our own particular circumstances, needs and priorities. It is based on an integrated approach where there are lead subjects and others when children apply their prior knowledge and skill.

Each year group follows a programme of integrated units. At the start of every year parents are informed of the detailed provision. This enables parents to have full knowledge of the experiences and opportunities provided.


Each exciting unit begins with a hook and finishes with an outcome. At the end of many units there will be opportunities for parents to attend outcomes to join in the learning alongside their children and learn from their children.

The whole school teaches the schools 6 Learning Values of Thinking, Independence, Collaboration, Spirituality, Creativity and Emotional Intelligence. The aim of these is to ensure our children become life-long learners. These are taught, both discretely and within the Integrated Curriculum, progressively from Reception to Year 6. The progression for each Learning Value is available below. 

In addition to this there are discrete areas of learning that are taught in a progressive way. Some subjects— PE, Art, Science, Maths, French and RE are taught discretely in addition to within the Integrated Curriculum.

All school practices ensure that the requirements of the National Curriculum are met.  For more information about the 2014 National Curriculum and coverage in Maths, Reading and Writing in each year group - please see the guide below. Don't forget if you have any questions about the curriculum contact the school.