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Computer Scientist @ Pokesdown

Do you know how to build your own computer game? Would you like to know how to write algorithms to create an animated zoo? Considering a trip to Arizona and want to know where you should visit? Need advice on how to use the internet to communicate in a safe, respectful way? Well, come to Pokesdown Community Primary School and join Year 3 while they design and build their own games for Nintendo, ask a Year 2 how to code a zoo, grab the web address for one of our Year 5’s websites on Arizona and finish your trip by taking a quiz on safe online communication coded by our Year 4 children.

Here at Pokesdown, we aim to provide a high quality and enjoyable computing education that enables every one of our children to become active participants in an ever changing digital world. We do this through a creative, progressive and balanced computing curriculum that begins to equip our children with the confidence, creativity, resilience, problem-solving and critical thinking skills required to become animators, computer scientists, presenters, web-designers, software developers, graphic designers or indeed any career that involves the innovative use of technology. We open all sorts of doors for our Pokesdown technologists!


Our Computing curriculum is designed to enhance our integrated curriculum projects whilst also using some discrete input where necessary to ensure our children have a deep knowledge and understanding of computers, how they work and how to use them safely. On a Monday morning you might find Year 1 children programming beebots to move around a map of their local area within their ‘I do like to be beside the seaside’ project. Later on, Year 5 might be receiving a talk from an industry expert on computer networks and the opportunities they provide. On a typical Tuesday, you could find Year 3 writing algorithms to create their own Horrible Histories animation of the savage Stone Age followed by Year 4 animating a firework display as they learn about the Hindu festival of Diwali. Wednesday has several treats in store, perhaps including Year 2 using technology purposefully to create leaflets about India ready to send to an anxious Mr Grinling and on Thursday our Reception children will amaze you with the self-portraits they have drawn on using their developing mouse skills. On Friday, in breakfast club, you might find Year 6 children using the internet safely to research a famous river for their home learning projects and in the afternoon you might see children from various year groups applying their learning to their own animation or coded project within their reward time.

Whilst all this will be going on in our computing suite, elsewhere in the school you might find children using our iPads in phonics, laptops to present curriculum work, class computers to help them become ‘times tables rock stars’ or even children using technology to develop their knowledge and a sense of awe and wonder about different places all over the world. You may see Year 2 children might be watching an animation of gingerbread men breaking into school and leaving a gift of different versions of the story from all around the world.  Year 3 might be challenging their grown-ups to navigate their Roald Dahl websites as part of their ‘Chocolate Extravaganza’ outcome and Year 1 might be discussing a story about a chicken who makes a new friend online within their reflection in the round time. Computers and technology are all around us both here at Pokesdown and within the wider world. We make sure every child becomes a digitally literate, safe, creative user of computer technology, able to use their learned knowledge and skills to make a positive difference to their lives and the world around them.