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About the Governors

Barras Stone - Chair of Governors
I have recently retired after a range of varied and interesting jobs in a number of large organisations , amongst them British Aerospace, the BBC, British Gas and Bournemouth University. I now plan to spend more of my time being a Governor.  Having a long term interest in children's education, both through work and as a parent and grandparent, I have been a Governor in Bournemouth for 20 years.  I have lived on the school 'block' for many years and know Pokesdown to be an amazing school, the atmosphere is wonderfully supportive to young children, they learn with enthusiasm and are a credit to their families. I am really proud to be a part of Pokesdown School.


Kirsten Bryan-Brown - Staff Governor

As a classroom TA at Pokesdown Community Primary School, I have the privilege of seeing first-hand how dynamic and creative the approach taken to learning is for the children at our school. With two daughters here I am also lucky to experience the fantastic outcomes the children put on at the end of a topic and often find my own knowledge being challenged. Having previously worked in personnel and development management, I believe there is something special that gets created at Pokesdown and this is clearly seen in how confident, articulate and passionate the children are about their school and their own achievements.


Margaret Bartlett - Community Governor

I studied Psychology and Sociology at University of Sheffield and then trained as a teacher, graduating in 1972.

I have worked in a variety of primary schools in Yorkshire and Dorset, including ten years as a Headteacher in Poole. Until recently I worked for the University of Winchester on their teacher training programme.

I have been involved with Pokesdown Primary School for the last ten years, including taking temporary posts as SENCo and deputy headteacher shared with Adam Biddle. I am very supportive of the exciting curriculum the school has developed and extremely impressed with the impact this has had on the progress, learning and confidence of the children in the school.


Mark Cribb - Community Governor

I’ve lived in Boscombe most of my life studying at Bethany and Portchester School as a child.  I’m now hugely excited to have a hospitality business in Boscombe that I like to think has become part of the positive and diverse local community.  As a parent of two young children aged 7 and 9, with a wife and brother in law who are both primary school teachers, and as an employer of an often young team I have a huge interest in education.  There is nothing more motivating or exciting than seeing hundreds of children fulfil their potential and set out into their world journey as happy and enthusiastic as possible. I hope I can bring a useful perspective to the board of governors and help Pokesdown Primary School, it’s children and the local community continue it’s incredible journey and influence.


Mark Saddington - Parent Governor

I have lived in Dorset all of my life and I am proud to have two sons currently attending our wonderful school. I have been fortunate enough to have had opportunities to gain a wide-range of experience in my career including running my own business, working for large corporations, the NHS and now I work at Bournemouth University. I have set-up and managed successful projects that have helped people with long-term disabilities, and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds find sustainable employment. My reason for volunteering to be a parent governor is simply to be able to give back. Our school has helped me and my family to feel part of a community, so just giving up a few hours of my time each month to help the school gives me more back in satisfaction than anything else I do.