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7.2.17 Avonbourne college

For a second time, on Wednesday 7th February we competed against 5 other schools at Avonbourne College with children participating in between 2 and 4 events (each event contributed towards a team score). Once again, we struggled to pull together sufficient children from years 5 and 6, which was very disappointing! However, the children who competed worked very hard to finish in 5th place – with the boys individually achieving fourth.

The children who competed were: Nicholas Ropelewski, Tom Preston, Aidan Feltham, Samantha Downey, Ella Carr, Mateusz Grzybowski, Tahlia Fowler, Joshua Kerney, Ralph Holloway, Bebe Isobella Taylor, Megan Horsfield, Lilyana Kerney, Imogen Wakefield, Magdalena Stachyra, Emma Schwaar, Morgan Oxton, Finley Hooper, Jamie Kirkland, Kharma Martin, Azra Tuzul and Daniel Paun.