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6. What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by your setting?

We work closely with numerous specialist services as part of the “Assess, plan, do, review” process, which is integral not only to the Code of Practice (2014) but our school ethos.  We seek support when the interventions we are using in school are not having a significant impact on your child.  This will be discussed with you prior to the advice being accessed.


The specialist professional will work with your child to understand their need and make recommendations that may include making changes to the way a child is supported in class, or supporting the school to set appropriate targets.


We have good relationships with these specialists and families find their support invaluable in offering helpful advice.  They include:


  • Education: Educational Psychology Services, Linwood School Outreach, Victoria School Outreach Services, Ethnic and Minority Travellers Support (EMTAS).


  • Health: Speech And Language Therapy (SALT), Children And Mental Health Service (CAMHS), School Nurse, Community Paediatrician, Child Development Centre, Hearing and Vision Support Services, Health Visitors, sleep clinics, bed wetting experts.


  • Social: Children's Social Care, Family And Solutions Team (FAST), Parent Practitioners, Parent Partnership, Wessex Autism, Children Centres, Young Carers, Bournemouth Church Housing Association (BCHA), Mosaic (bereavement) Coping with Chaos, Listening Ear amongst others.


Our Pastoral Support Team also supports our families and will seek to find appropriate resources to meet needs of families where possible.