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5.3.19 Year 6 Girls at Littledown Centre


On Tuesday, 5th March, our team played three league games at the Littledown.


Our opponents were: St. Katharine’s who, incidentally, have qualified as county representatives in a regional final due to take place in Bristol, St. James and Corpus Christi.


Our first game was against St. Katharine’s, which we lost 4-0. All of the goals were scored in the first half, with some great defending in the second half and brilliant saves by our goalie Daisy. Their second game against St. James’ unfortunately resulted in the same score. We fared better against Corpus Christi, losing 1-0.

The girls played really well, bearing in mind the awful weather conditions!


The girls who played were: Charlotte Lewis, Chloe Richardson,Lyla Bryan-Brown, Didi Bryan- Brown, Tonaya Welsh, Daisy Bacon, Eloise Ramsay and Katelind Agolini.