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2010 SATs Results

Key Stage 1

We would like to celebrate with you our SATs results. 

In KS1 we are very pleased as we attained or exceeded our targets in all areas except Writing at Level 2 and 3 which was only 2% below. This is a fantastic achievement as our targets were very challenging and we had several new children into the year group with English as an additional language. 

Progress last year was very good for Reading and Science and good for Writing and Maths. This means children made more progress than is expected for them – a superb achievement. 

Thank you to all the Foundation and Key Stage 1 staff for their hard work and good teaching.

Key Stage 2

In KS2 we were thrilled with English and Science results as we attained or exceeded our targets. Our Maths results were rather disappointing as we missed our target at level 4 and level 5. 

Progress in KS2 was very good overall in Reading, Writing and Science. 94% of our children achieved 2 levels of progress since KS1, which was an outstanding achievement.

We have drawn up an exciting action plan for Mathematics with a focus on assessment for learning, mental arithmetic and problem solving. All year groups have planned 2 exciting Maths projects to run alongside their integrated units this term.