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2. How will your staff support my child/young person?

Identifying children who may need additional support in school is an ongoing, continuous cycle.  Children’s needs change over time and their needs are regularly discussed with the class teachers, Special Educational Needs/ Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCo), Headteacher and the Pastoral Care Team.


A significant amount of support is provided for children who do not have Special Educational Needs/ Disabilities (SEND) but may experience challenges with aspects of school life.


Our School Provision Maps show the range of interventions used when we identify a need for additional support.


When the school identifies the need for additional intervention to enable a pupil to make expected progress, the parents/carers will be informed of the planned support and may be invited to a meeting to discuss this further.


The SENDCo monitors the progress of children receiving additional support to ensure the provision we have put in place is having the impact we expect.


If a child has SEND they may have an Individual Learning Plan (ILP).  This records agreed targets for development.  These are reviewed termly with parents/carers, class teacher, child and SENDCo.  A copy of reviewed and new targets will be provided to parents/carers.


If we feel your child needs further support the SENDCo will liaise with outside agencies and specialist services.


The Directors of the school are responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of the provision in place for pupils with SEND.  Mr Chris Wragg is the Director with responsibility for SEND.