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14.6.17 National Quad Kids League


On Wednesday 14th June 2017, our athletics team competed in the National Quad Kids League. This event involves each child taking part in sprint and long distance races, along with standing long jump and howler throw. Points are awarded for the best times and greatest distances. Unfortunately, we have not yet been told our results, but await them with keen anticipation.


Our athletes were: Emma Schwaar, Azra Tuzul, Finley Hooper, Megan Harrington, Mateusz Grzybowski, Jamie Kirkland, Nicholas Ropelewsi, Ralph Holloway, Joshua Kerney, Lilyanna Kerney, Bebe Taylor, Kayleigh Robinson, Leela Rimmington, Rosa Rimmington, Sam Papworth, Eloise Ramsey, Thomas Sawicki, Jared Swanepoel and Myles Thompson.