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Year 4 Visit to Nothe Fort, Weymouth - Oct 2015

Year 4 went on an exciting evacuation to Nothe Fort during their 'Packed and Ready to Go' topic. They dressed as war time evacuees and travelled by train to from Pokesdown to Weymouth after being waved off on the platform by their parents.


Once they arrived in Weymouth, they sang war time classic songs such as 'It's a long way to Tipperary' and 'Pack up your troubles' through the town; putting lots of smiles on holidaymakers faces!


At the Fort the children took part in 5 activities centred around life in War time in Weymouth. They learnt about: rationing, what school was like, how to wash and make do and mend and what the role of the ARW was during the bombings (complete with a simulation air raid experience!) .


It was a fantastic day where the children built on and added to their historical learning in school. We all had lots of fun!