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Year 3


“O Come All Ye Gamers”



The home learning project for this unit is to choose a country anywhere in the world and find out how they celebrate Christmas.



Information can be found in books or on the internet. An excellent website you can visit is:-


Suggested Schedule:

  • Choose a country and research its Christmas customs.

  • Decide how to present the information (it could be hand written or word processed).

  • Add illustrations.


Success Criteria:

 What we are looking for when you present your information:

  • It has to be attractive e.g. brightly coloured.

  • It needs to be engaging for the reader.

  • You need to be able to share what you have found out with others.


We look forward to seeing what you produce and we will enjoy learning from each other. Please bring your Home Learning into school on Wednesday 16th December.



Miss Barton                              Mrs Hill                              Mrs Robertson / Mrs Evans