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8.12.16 Boys & Girls Matches against The Park School

On the 8th December we took three football teams to Dean Park to play against The Park School. 


Our Year 6 boys played a brilliant game, beating them 7-2, with Leo Saner-Dickens scoring a hat-trick, Dan Kelly scoring two, Joshua and Cameron Price scoring one each.

That team consisted of: Leo Saner-Dickens, Jamie Kirkland, Dan Kelly, Mateusz Grzybowski, Harry Ware, Joshua Price and Cameron Price.


The Year 5 boys’ team (again with our Year 4 super stars) drew 3-3 after being 2-0 down - like watching AFC Bournemouth play against Liverpool! One fabulous goal was scored by Fergus Fairfax-Strathern after he took on the goal keeper from the edge of the circle!

The team were: Khattab Al Ani, Ralph Holloway, Finley Hooper, Joshua Kerney, Leland Lewis, Fergus Fairfax-Strathern, Semih Kocabay.


Our Year 5/6 girls’ team were unfortunately out-played by their opponents and lost 7-1, partly due to the wet grass as only one of our players wore studs against the entire Park team.  We were drawing 1-1 at half-time with a great goal scored by Emma Schwaar. 


Our girls were: Kayleigh Mountford, Emma Schwaar, Abbie Miller, Kharma Martin, Tianna Skinner , Lillianna Dart and Rachel Hilton.